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Unaccompanied minors

Unaccompanied minors

Unaccompanied Minor (UMNR) services include assisting the passengers during the check-in process, escorting them to the boarding gate, and coordinating their travel with the Flight Attendants before departure. It also includes escorting them to their connecting flight (if this were to be the case), and to the arrivals area to meet the person designated to pick them up.

  • Children ages five through 13 years and 11 months who are not accompanied on the aircraft by a parent, legal guardian or someone who is at least 18 years old are considered unaccompanied minors (UMNR).
  • Aeromexico does not accept children under age five for travel as unaccompanied minors. UMNRs must never travel alone on the last flight scheduled for the day since a delay could cause them to lose their connecting flight.
  • Aeromexico only accepts unaccompanied minors for travel on flights operated by Grupo Aeroméxico.
  • Aeromexico does NOT offer service for UMNRs connecting with other airlines, including codeshare and SkyTeam member flights.
  • UMNRs must arrive at the airport at least 2:30 hours before departure on both domestic and international flights, to make sure they can complete all required arrangements on time.
  • Children traveling alone must be brought to the airport by a parent/guardian, who must stay at the airport until the UMNR’s plane takes off and is airborne.
  • The parent/guardian bringing the child to the airport and the person designated to pick him or her up at the destination airport must carry a valid identity document, such as a voter’s registration card or passport, for identification purposes when checking the UMNR in for the flight and meeting him or her at the destination. An airline representative will meet the UMNRs upon landing and escort them to the corresponding domestic or international arrivals area to meet the person designated to pick them up.
  • There is no limit on the number of the children that can travel alone on a given flight.
  • Aeromexico allows 13-year old UMNRs to travel with family members up to three years of age under their care, as long as the parent/guardian checking the UMNRs in for the flight signs the corresponding disclaimer.
  • Parents or guardians may also pay the additional service charge collected to cover extra handling for Mexican passengers between 14-18 years of age, and U.S. citizens ages 14-21 choosing to travel as UMNRs.


UMNR service charges

Service Charges
Domestic Routes 464 MXN
International Routes 116 USD
Based on Origin-Destination bookings, including GAM connecting flights within 24 hours. Applicable per child even when booked under the same PNR, when traveling with other children or in a Group.
Routes from/to USA 116 USD
Based on Origin-Destination bookings, including GAM connecting flights within 24 hours. Applies for up to four minors booked under the same PNR.
Taxes included

Service charges are non-refundable and include taxes.
Service charges may vary depending on the point of sale.

International Routes

1. $116 USD service charge includes connections within 24 hours

Domestic Routes

2. $464 MXN service charge includes connections within 24 hours


Legal Framework

Article 247 of the law outlines the requirements airlines must meet to carry Mexican and foreign UMNRs out of the country.

The Mexican Institute of Migration (INM) provides the special authorization form (SAM, acronym in Spanish) that UMNRs must deliver to the immigration authorities when leaving the country. Please fill out and print three copies of the form found at www.inm.gob.mx.

Parents or legal guardians must provide one SAM form (provided free of charge) for every child traveling alone or with an adult other than his or her parent or legal guardian, on each one-way trip out of the country.

Mexican law enacted on January 24, 2014, establishes that UMNRs traveling out of the country must have a notarized letter of authorization or the SAM form.

As such, Aeromexico accepts any one of the following documents for children traveling alone:

  • A notarized letter authorizing the child to travel alone. It must include the mode of transportation, and the destination and travel date. All notarized documents issued abroad must be legalized or apostilled and translated into Spanish.
  • The SAM form provided by the National Institute of Migration, which you can print here

  • These documents are NOT required
  • When the child is traveling with both parents
  • When the child is traveling with one parent
  • When the child is traveling with his or her legal guardian