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Pets on board

Pets on board

  1. The transportation of “Pet in Cabin” applies only to dogs, defined in the following table:
Aircraft Type Cage size* Dog’s maximum
Maximum number of dogs
per flight
Premier Economy Total
E-145 16 x 12 x 7 inches
(95 x 80 x 75 centimeters)
Length x Width x Height
7 Kgs ** N/A 2 2
E-170 19 x 12 x 10 inches
(100 x 90 x 80 centimeters)
Length x Width x Height
9 Kgs ** N/A 2 2
E-175 N/A 2 2
E-190 2 2 4
B 737´s 2 4 6
B 767 19 x 12 x 10 inches
(120 x 110 x 90 centimeters)
Length x Width x Height
9 Kgs ** N/A 4 4
B 777
B 787

* The cages may be of hard or soft plastic, purse-type (approved for air transportation, and specified by the suppliers of this service), with a one piece interior base of absorbent material, have adequate ventilation, and have enough space for the dog to be able to turn and lay down in a natural manner.
** Total weight of the dog including cage.

  1. Applies only to flights of no more than 6 hours.

  2. In wide body aircraft (B-767, B-777, B-787) applies only in economy cabin (because the space under the seats is insufficient) and in flights of no more than 6 hours (examples: scaled flights MEX-MTY-NRT or the MEX-JFK route with B 787 aircraft).

  3. Dogs must go through the inspection by the Health Department and/or airport authorities.

  4. The dog must have its vaccination certificate against rabies, issued within the period of 30 days prior to the date of the flight.

  5. A veterinary certificate issued is required, for international flights it shall be issued by the SAGARPA (Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock, Rural Development, Fishing, and Food), except for flights to USA and Canada. Its formality being the Customer’s responsibility.

  6. The Customer may transport maximum 1 dog.

  7. Unaccompanied minors traveling with dogs shall not be allowed.

  8. Dogs born less than 4 months before the flight will not be allowed.
  9. Dogs with veterinary treatment will not be allowed.

Premier Lounges:
Access to Premier Lounges is allowed to Customers traveling with their Pets. It shall be within the container.

Boarding Gates (SUE):
1. Dog must be in a cage prior to boarding and when entering the aircraft’s cabin.

1. Dogs shall remain inside the cage for the flight’s duration under the seat in front of the Customer.

2. Providing food or beverages to the dog during flight is prohibited.

1. “Service Animals and/or Emotional Support Animals” are exempt from these guidelines, and its treatment continues unchanged.

2. Dogs that do not comply with the requirements to be accepted as “Pet in Cabin”, will be accepted as checked baggage (AVIH), or through Aeromexico Cargo with the corresponding requirements, as the case may be.

3. The Airports’ Command Offices are informed about service animals through the Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGAC Dirección General de Aeronautica Civil), there should, therefore, be no problem during inspection at security (document attached).

Source: Direccion General de Aeronáutica Civil DGAC “CO AV-7.8/07 R2


Charges for documented pets

PETS (Dogs, Cats and Birds)
Destination From/To Airport Pre-Sale
Within Mexico $ 789 MXN $ 650 MXN
USA, Canada, Central America, Colombia, Venezuela, Peru $ 90 USD $ 80 USD
Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Europe, Asia $ 180 USD $ 170 USD



Charges for "Pet in Cabin"

Within Mexico 850 MXN
USA., Canada, Central America, South America
125 USD


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