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Flights to Miami with Aeromexico

For one of the most unique beach destinations anywhere; let Aeromexico fly you to a city where you can tan on the beach and find world- class shopping during the day. Then enjoy a glittering night life when the sun goes down. Whether you go with friends, your partner or travel solo, your vacation will be like no other in Miami. Aeromexico has a great selection of Miami flights and packages for you.

Miami’s charm lies in its universal appeal. People from everywherein the world and all walks of life enjoy Miami, including Europeans, eccentric millionaires and Latin Americans seeking financial opportunity. This hot and seductive destination offers its visitors the wonders of sunny, palm-fringed beaches and a non-stop night life, as well as a world of fashion amid a glamorous party atmosphere.

Although Miami’s oceanfront areas have reclaimed international fame, the city’s charm is not exclusively centered on its beach; Miami has important art districts, world-class galleries, parks and beautiful architecture also, as well as a vibrant night life showcasing its cosmopolitan and eclectic spirit.

Numerous TV series, from action to comedy, have depicted life in this exciting city. Shows depict the tanned muscle built bodies on the beach, sleek yachts sailing the waters, sky scrapers casting their shadows on the steamy streets, and the open-air bars that entice you with their Latin jazz rhythms.