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Flights to Sao Paulo with Aeromexico

Have you visited Sao Paulo yet? It is a destination you must visit, either on vacation, on business or just because you want to go to the next World Cup! We have excellent prices on flights to Sao Paulo, Brazil so reserve today.

Sao Paulo, one of the world ́s soccer capitals, is competing where to hold the final game for the next World Cup.

In 2014, the FIFA World Cup tournament will be held in Brazil, a country where soccer is like a religion and stirs up great passion, for that reason alone the next World Cup will be unforgettable. Although everyone in Brazil is anxiously awaiting the tournament, there is intense controversy as Brazilians do not know where to hold the final game.

The only time Brazil hosted a World Cup, in 1950, the Final took place in Rio de Janeiro, in the monumental Maracaná Stadium. This colossal structure was filled with Brazilians who, to their dismay, witnessed how their own team lost the final game to Uruguay.

This defeat, a national disgrace, is known as the “maracanazo”. Brazilians do not know whether to tempt fate one more time and fight against the stadium ́s karma, or hold the Final in Sao Paulo. In spite of this dilemma, there is one undeniable certainty: In 2014, Brazil will live and breathe soccer, hosting, without a doubt, a very special World Cup.

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