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Flights to Torreon

Flights to Torreon with Aeromexico

Architecture and Monuments

Enjoy the architecture and historical monuments that Torreon offers its visitors, such as El Casino de la Laguna, where Francisco “Pancho” Villa used to meet with various characters of the the Mexican Revolution. The Municipal Archives Building is a must-see! The city’s emblem, El Cristo de las Noas (The Christ of Ships), is often one of the most visited monuments in the entire region. La Catedral Del Carmen is another touristic place of interest, without which no visit to this city would be complete.

Industry and Business

Torreon is considered a fully industrialized zone, bringing together a large number of factories, maquiladoras (assembly plants), and industrial plants. The city is equipped with the necessary infrastructure to organize large conventions, assemblies and working meetings, enticing many entrepreneurs and investors who visit the city to develop new business deals.

Art for Everyone

El Canal de la Perla (Pearl Canal), an underground tunnel system below Torreon’s city center, previously used for irrigation, has recently been renovated as a tourist attraction and now operates as a plastic arts gallery. Although there are many entryways, the main gate is located at the Plaza de Armas (Arms Square).

Typical cuisine

Like many cities in northern Mexico, Torreon’s specialty is meat and steak, used in the preparation of fritadas, one of the delicacies of the region. An alternative to steak are the sweet pork tamales, pulque (agave juice) bread, and the migas norteñas.

Adventure Tourism in Torreon

For nature and adventure lovers, a visit to the Sierra de Jimulco, 55 Kms from the city, will allow them to view a variety of cactus plants as well as coyotes, road runners and rattlesnakes, among other animals.

An alternative is to visit the Bilbao Dunes, a large desert of fine sands, 45 minutes away from Torreon, where the use of ATVs and sandboarding (a sport similar to snowboarding), al wells as other extreme desert sports, are common. Date plantations, offering these fruits for sale, are found close to the dunes.

Finally, in the Bolson de Mapimi Biosphere Reservation, we find the Zone of Silence (Zona Del Silencio), one of the most mysterious places in the world due to the complete absence of sound.


It rarely rains from April to October. Average temperature fluctuates between 0ªC and 40ªC, but during the summer the heat can reach up to 44ªC, and reach -8ª during the winter.