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Flights to Tijuana

Flights to Tijuana with Aeromexico

Tijuana is a Mexican destination best known for its cuisine, especially the famous lobster and Rosarito beans. Check our flights to Tijuana, Mexico, with Aeromexico and enjoy the many attractions of this popular border city. And the affordable ticket rates may even enable you to do a little shopping across the US border. Reserve today!

Tijuana is well known for its tourism and its assembly plants. It is also one of the most important border crossing towns in the world. Tijuana’s coat of arms reads, “Our homeland starts here”, a welcoming symbol for the millions of Mexicans who come back from the U.S. side of the border. This message also seems relevant for Americans who feel they have entered another world by just crossing the border into Mexico.

With the prohibition of alcohol in the United States, Tijuana evolved into a paradise for Americans. Not only was it legal to drink in Tijuana, but there were no restrictions on sales or consumption.

Cantinas (local bars serving the now famous margaritas) and groups of young people melting under the heat of the sun, turned Tijuana into a source of artistic inspiration reflected in songs and movies about the city.

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