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Flights to Tapachula

Flights to Tapachula with Aeromexico

You’re packed and ready to start your vacation but at the last minute, your travel partners cancel. Don’t worry. Tapachula is a destination you can visit alone. This is a city with many varied options, making it one of the most interesting trips in Mexico, whether you are on your own or as a part of a group. Aeromexico offers top value flights to Tapachula, Mexico, Why stay home? Reserve today.

Tapachula, Chiapas is the most important city in the Soconuso region. Located in Southeast Mexico, close to the base of the gigantic Tacaná volcano and very close to the Chiapas Maritime Port, Tapachula is well-known for coffee production and its pre-Hispanic acropolis. With a hot and humid climate, Tapachula boasts abundant jungle flora and fauna as well as elevated woodlands and natural landscapes.

Expect to find a multi-cultural flair blending with province features such as colorful folk houses built with reed, adobe, cane and other indigenous materials and, in contrast, a European architecture. This is especially visible around the central park and coffee farms.

The city of Tapachula shares its border with Guatemala, making it the gateway to Central America; it is also an important tourist site thanks to the natural beauty of its jungle region. Here you will find waterfalls and rivers, high mountains, thick mangroves and archeological sites. Stroll through the colorful downtown and you’ll discover that this peaceful city is filled with restaurants and cafes, traditional marimba music and friendly, gracious people.

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