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Flights to Tampico

Flights to Tampico with Aeromexico

Although it was destroyed by pirates in 1683, Tampico arose from the ashes and is now one of Mexico’s most important ports. With Aeromexico’s flights to Tampico, Mexico, you can visit this amazing destination and discover a multicultural city surrounded by rivers and lagoons.

In 1554, the Spanish conquerors founded San Luis de Tampico, but due to frequent pirate attacks, especially the incursion of the famous pirate Laurens de Graaf, Tampico became a ghost town until 1823, after Mexico’s Independence War, when the port was reactivated.

You can visit Miramar beach, one of the most famous tourist attractions in Tampico. With over 6 miles of fine white sand beaches, soft waves, and palm trees on the Gulf of Mexico, Miramar beach is the ideal destination for surfing, sport fishing, wave running and yachting. If you are looking for the best resorts, you will find first-class hotels, shops, banks and restaurants in the so-called Golden Zone.

Another option in Tampico is the adventure tourism, with beautiful landscapes you can explore and conquer, like El Chorrito, El Nacimiento, La Florida, Mquihana, The Lagoon of the Carpenter and El Cielo Biosphere.

The architecture of Tampico is similar to the streets of New Orleans, especially in the downtown area. The most important buildings in the town are the Immaculate Conception Cathedral, the “Plaza de Armas”, and the Maritime Customs Building.

When you are in Tampico, you should take a short trip to Las Flores pyramid, an amazing vestige of the Huastec Tribe, where you can discover more of Mexico’s pre-Hispanic heritage. At the Metropolitan Cultural Space you can enjoy events every day. The Tampico Bridge, a 55 meter-high structure, brings Tampico and Veracruz closer together and offers an amazing panoramic view of the memorable Panuco River.

The seafood lovers will be delighted in Tampico. The crab is the specialty of this port, which also offers the Tampico style steak. Pack your bags and discover this beautiful port in Mexico with the best deals, and flights to Tampico, Tamaulipas only with Aeromexico.