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Flights to Poza Rica

Flights to Poza Rica, Veracruz with Aeromexico

Are you sure you know all of the great Mexican destinations? It may be time to discover Poza Rica and enjoy an extended vacation here. After learning more about this unique city, you will wonder why you haven’t vacationed here before.

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While visiting Poza Rica, you can learn about the history of Veracruz. Poza Rica is located very close to the El Tajín archeological zone, a significant pre-Columbian site of the Totonaca culture.

Enjoy Poza Rica

Poza Rica is a modern industrial city, yet is an ideal place to relax after experiencing El Tajín and early Veracruz cultures. If you choose to see the city from a different view point, you can visit the Americas Park, better known as Cerro del Abuelo. This is one of the most beautiful places in Poza Rica, providing a stunning view of entire city with its bright lights and impressive oil wells.

El Tajín, the sacred city of Hurakán, is only six kilometers away. This site is believed to have been built by the Totonacas, who traveled from the coast, encamping for a time at Teotihuacan. After their stay in the high plateau, Totonacas continued their journey until reaching the end of the Panuco River and finally settling along the Veracruz coastline.

El Tajín

In the ancient city of El Tajín, the main economic activities were agriculture, trade and the barter of goods and services. The city was ruined by the Spanish conquistadors who arrived in the 15th century. As with many archeological sites, Tajín was an accidental discovery-stumbled upon by explorers searching for hidden tobacco plantations.

El Tajín’s most renowned pyramid is Pirámide de los Nichos. Originally this pyramid had 364 niches, corresponding to the number of calendar days in a solar year. These spaces were shaped like a beehive, symbolically representing the caves that protect the heart of the earth.

In the main plaza, you can enjoy the spectacular “Voladores de Papantla”, an aerial “dance” performed by five men wearing traditional ceremonial dress, who descend suspended, head down, from a rope. For the ceremony, this men, or “flyers”, cover their heads with large, colorful scarves and cone- shaped hats decorated with small tops and fan- shaped tips simulating a bird’s crest. The brilliant costumes and the ceremony itself symbolize the solar rays that radiate outward from a small round mirror, representing a star.

During the descent, each flyer circles the pole 13 times, for a total of 52 rotations, the number of weeks that constitute one year in the calendars of Mesoamerica cultures. Totonacas perform the voladores ritual three times each day. The archeological zone is open daily from 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.

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