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Flights to Monterrey

Flights to Monterrey with Aeromexico

Aeromexico offers flights to Monterrey, one of the most important cities in Mexico. The capital city of Nuevo Leon offers a modern destination filled with culture, attractions, history and a cuisine that will make this place one of your favorites. You can find inexpensive flights to Monterrey with Aeromexico, discover our attractive deals.

This city is known as the “Sultan of the North” and is surrounded by amazing mountains; the most famous is the “Cerro de la Silla”, displayed as the icon of this destination. Monterrey is one of the economic foundations in Mexico, but it is also a city that offers a dazzling architecture, especially in the Downtown district in a region known as “El Barrio Antiguo” (The Old Neighborhood), where you can find several restaurants, bars and nightclubs.

When you arrive to this city, one of the first things you have to do is visit Santa Lucia Riverwalk, a navigable canal in the heart of the city that also offers beautiful gardens for a great walk and is really close to Parque Fundidora, one of the most modern complexes in Mexico that host a wide range of sports and entertainment shows and also art galleries and expos.

The most famous dish in Monterrey is “Cabrito”, barbecued goat with a world famous and recognized flavor. You can also try a traditional candy called “Glorias”, which is made of goat milk and pecans.

The mountains surrounding Monterrey have many canyons, trails and roads that cross deserts and forests. Suitable hiking and biking trails are available and you can make an outdoor excursion with your family to Monterrey National Park, one of the most dazzling parks in the North of the Country.

If you travel for business or leisure, Monterrey is one of the places you need to visit. Book your flights to Monterrey, Mexico with Aeromexico and check out vacation packages to “The Sultan of the North”, you will not regret it.