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Mexico City, a Window to Endless Possibilities

Many parts of Mexico City have to be experienced at certain times of the day to be able to adequately grasp the unique character of each individual district. These urban landscapes transform in the course of day and night. Among a blend of shapes and colors, the sun begins to set on Colonia Roma, a historic French-inspired district replete of elegant mansions whose antique façades line the neighborhood's streets.

Under the night sky, Colonia Roma’s bright lights stand out from its neighboring districts, and it is here where our tour of Mexico City begins. The evenings spent in Colonia Roma are infused by a cosmopolitan familiarity, evidenced by the many gourmet restaurants and places to enjoy artisan beer and mezcal. As the day turns to night, we make our way down the neighboring streets to the district’s Fountain of Cibeles.

El Zócalo

The historical city center, built on top of the once magnificent Mexica (Aztec) Templo Mayor, is surrounded today by the main square (Zócalo), the third largest city square in the world, with extraordinary, beautiful buildings like the Metropolitan Cathedral, the National Palace (home to a garden and a mural painted by Diego Rivera), and the Templo Mayor Museum.

After making our way down the pedestrian street, Madero, you will encounter one of the city’s most magnificent and famous buildings. A stop at Museo del Estanquillo is well worth your time to see the impressive work of many great Mexican cartoonists, followed by the main attraction: the Palace of Fine Arts (Bellas Artes).

Constructed on a white marble base and inaugurated in 1934, Bellas Artes is a cultural center hosting many artistic expositions including dance, theater, and musical presentations. Take in the view of the Palacio Postal or central post office, and visit the Latin American Tower to enjoy a panoramic view showing the city unfolding before your eyes. 

On the Way to Chapultepec

Walk through Alameda Central Park to Paseo de la Reforma, Mexico City’s most beautiful street, where you will find tall, modern buildings and some of best fine dining establishments. Continuing down the length of the street you will arrive at the gates of Chapultepec, a large park containing a zoo, a lake, vast green spaces, and at the top of a hill, its crown jewel—a castle. On Reforma, you have only to follow the path of the city’s emblematic monuments, such as the Angel of Independence, and Diana the Huntress fountain.

When you arrive at Chapultepec, you will have three options: either head towards the Museo Tamayo, the Anthropology Museum (containing an extraordinary collection of pieces from different pre-Hispanic cultures) or the Chapultepec castle. To be quite honest, all three are worth your while. The castle, where Empress Carlota and Emperor Maximilian of Hapsburg once enjoyed the picturesque view of Paseo de la Reforma every morning, is an extraordinary building full of large, beautiful rooms that hosted numerous presidents.

The Colonial South

Compared to its surrounding districts, the south side of the city has a very different atmosphere. Here, there is an exquisite mixture of styles unique to the district. Spend the morning in San Ángel, once considered to be the outskirts of the city, with its cobblestone streets and old, brightly-colored haciendas.

Both here and in Coyoacán, where you can’t miss savoring the market, village life exists within the city. Peaceful gardens, beautiful church, small antique shops, and a festival-like atmosphere make Coyoacán an authentic living legacy to colonial Mexico.

For the afternoon, head over to one of the most unique places in Mexico City: Xochimilco. As you make your way to this southern location, you will pass by Ciudad Universitaria (home to the most important university in Mexico) where you can admire the mural by David Alfaro Siqueiros at the Rectory Tower and the Central Library.


Once in Xochimilco, you can ride along wide ancient-channels reflecting the sun rays and reminiscent of what it was like to live in the city more than 500 years ago, traveling by the boat of your choice (there’s a large selection to choose from), finishing off an extraordinary trip via a traditional manner through one of the biggest, most spectacular, and architecturally rich cities of the world. A place of endless pleasures—Mexico City—the country’s most beautiful treasure.

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