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Flights to Ciudad del Carmen

Flights to Ciudad del Carmen with Aeromexico

Founded in pre-Hispanic times, Ciudad del Carmen was a strategic location which served to connect the Aztec and Mayan civilizations, but now is one of the most important cities in the southern region of Mexico and a destination you cannot miss in your next vacation.

Get on board with our flights to Ciudad del Carmen, a city known as "The Pearl of the Gulf". Until the 70’s it was a fishing town until oil was discovered in the region; since then it has grown and developed substantially into one of the most successful cities in the country. To this day, Ciudad del Carmen is known to have the best seafood in Mexico.

Natural beauty of this island is quite apparent. You can visit the beautiful beaches of Tortugueros, San Julian and Bahamitas, where you can enjoy the magnificent view of the Gulf of Mexico and be mesmerized by the Polaroid landscapes. But Ciudad del Carmen also offers a unique biodiversity in the region. A visit to the Terminos Lagoon is a great experience to see the beautiful wildlife, and you can also get a guided tour into the mangroves, home of hundreds of animal species.

During your tour, be sure to visit the Municipal Palace and Zaragoza Park, the churches of the Lady of Carmen and Lady of Jesus and the City Museum. There is a variety of arts and crafts stands and stores in downtown, surrounded by beautiful buildings with European style. The bridge “El Zacatal”, built in 1994, is one of the longest in Latin America.

This vacation check our flights to Ciudad del Carmen, a hidden paradise in the Gulf of Mexico. With the best deals, only with Aeromexico, you can plan the perfect getaway.