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Flights to San Pedro Sula, Honduras

Flights to San Pedro Sula, Honduras with Aeromexico

If you are looking for a different place to spend your vacations check out our flights to San Pedro Sula, Honduras, enjoy culture, cuisine and architecture.

San Pedro Sula is Honduras' second largest city, also known as its industrial capital, due to the level of its industrial development; most of the country’s GDP is produced here. Commercial exchange has been growing constantly, with many modern shopping malls, hotels and excellent restaurants built recently. For these reasons, the city has become the main business destination in Honduras.

Honduran cuisine is corn-based and combines pre-Columbian, Spanish, Creole and African elements. Tortillas are commonly made and come in many varieties, larger ones in Olancho while thicker ones are made in Lempira and Intibucá. “Shipes,” also known “popusas” or corn patties, are stuffed with beans, squash, sweet squash, fish, cheese and pork skin. “Riguas” are tortillas grilled over plantain leaves, accompanied with butter, cream or cheese. Also famous are fried yucca skins, dry fish soups, baleadas (similar to burritos), nacatamales, snail soup, as well as plantain cakes, tajaditas (plantains), torrejas (fried dough), honey doughnuts and coconut bread.

If you feel like dining at a great restaurant, going dancing, or enjoying a nightcap after closing a business deal, the Zona Viva (Live Zone) is the perfect area. Some of the best restaurants in town are located here, along with Karaoke bars, night clubs, casinos and bars where you can enjoy a nice evening or a business engagement far beyond your expectations.

San Pedro Sula is known for combining its business development with its tourism industry, without forgetting about the environment. It is an orderly and clean city, with many touristic options available; main attractions in the city include El Parque Central, with many stores, shopping malls, coffee shops and craftsmen, a point of reference for both locals and tourists.

The Guamilito Market is an arts and crafts center where typical local food, fruits and vegetables are available. Other important sights are The Anthropology and History museum, the Jose Francisco Saybe Theater, the Museum of Nature, with over 20 halls dedicated to the protection of the planet, and the Coca-Cola observation point, which offers a magnificent view of all of San Pedro Sula.

The weather is tropical forest humid, with only two seasons: rainy (from April to September) and dry (from October to March). The temperature is very hot, ranging from 21ºC to 35ºC.