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Aeromexico flights to Havana, Cuba

Visit Cuba with Aeromexico flights to Havana, Cuba! Avoid the hassle of charter flights and choose our scheduled daily service to Havana via Mexico City and Cancun.

U.K. and European customers: you may search for flights to Havana in the box above. Note that you may not search for trips from the U.S. to Cuba. (You would need to buy one ticket from the U.S. to Mexico and a separate ticket from Mexico to Cuba).

U.S. and Canada customers: on our U.S. or Canadian websites, due to U.S. government restrictions, Aeromexico does not sell tickets for Cuba flights. However, you can check fares and availability and buy tickets on our "Tickets to Havana" page (in English) on our Mexico-based website


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Aeromexico flight schedules from Mexico to Havana, Cuba

Aeromexico flies twice daily from Mexico City International Airport to Havana, Cuba, and from Havana to Mexico City.

In addition, Aeromexico flies daily from Cancun to Havana, and from Havana to Cancun.


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