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Flights to Guatemala City


Check out our flights to Guatemala, connecting North and South America, a region rich in Mayan heritage and Spanish culture, will delight you and your family with its combination of history, architecture and amazing sights.

Guatemala City, it's capital, is the most populated metropolis in Central America, boasting mild tropical weather, with spring winds and an average temperature of 55° F. Established in 1776, Guatemala City is the heart of the country. It has over 300 museums and several archeological attractions, such as the Mayan ruins of Kaminal Juyu. Other must- see places are the National Culture Palace, the downtown area and the Miguel Angel Asturias Cultural Center.

One of the most colorful and amazing places in Guatemala City is the “Zona Viva” district, ideal for entertainment and shopping. There you will find shopping centers, galleries, the Botanical Garden, some of the best bars and night clubs and the Ixchel Museum, a tribute to it ́s history.

If you love Mayan culture, you must visit the Popol Vuh Museum at the Francisco Marroquin University. You will be amazed by the art collection of one of the most impressive cultures in the history of mankind.

If you decide to take one of our flights to Guatemala, you will find a country filled with history, varied interests and entertainment. A great gateway to Central and South America awaits you!