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Tokyo in Spring

Flowering cherry blossoms and other festivities frame the arrival of the season to the Japanese land. In late March and early April, one of the most important seasons returns to Japanese life: The Sakura Matrusi, the festival of the flowering cherry blossoms.

It is a Japanese custom to stroll under the leafy flowering cherry blossoms, with their delicate pink colors that invite passersby to picnic, eat, chat and drink until the sun sets. People spread their tablecloths on the grass to celebrate outings with their friends and neighbors, to taste seasonal dishes, the sakura mocha, a cake made of red bean puree covered with crushed rice which is dyed pink, all covered in a salted cherry leaf.

The sakura, which is not the same as the cherry tree, is considered a symbol of beauty in Japan, a metaphor for life, beautiful and fleeting, and it has become an attraction for nature lovers. This celebration, attended year after year by people from all over the world, became a national tradition during the XVII century although its roots go back to the VIII century.

In Tokyo, the most famous places to observe this miracle of nature are the Ueno Park, Shinjuku Park and Chidorigafuchi Park, near the Imperial Palace, where boats are rented to navigate the canals while enjoying the beauty of these trees.

Furthermore, in this spring setting, Hana Matsuri, the Flower festival, is celebrated on April 8th, which commemorates the birth of Buddha in all temples. Thise celebration includes visiting temples and bathing the statues of Buddha with sweet tea. If you wish to attend this celebration in Tokyo, Japan we recommend visiting the Zozoji temple in downtown.

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