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Flights to Shanghai

Flights to Shanghai with Aeromexico

If you think travelling to Shanghai is impossible, Aeromexico offers you amazing flights to Shanghai, China. Don ́t let this great opportunity pass you by, and spend your vacations in Shanghai. Reserve now!

Visiting Shanghai is one of the most incredible experiences in life, it ́s a cultural shock!

Within the great city of Shanghai you can enjoy a walk in Bund, a street that goes along the west side of Huang River. You can appreciate the contrast between the ancient and the modern buildings as well as great stores, hotels and bars. Simply watching the people walk by can be entertaining.

You can also visit the Yuyuan Gardens, built over 400 years ago during the Ming Dynasty. In this gardens you experience true peace and tranquility, Yuyuan means “happy garden”, and it really lives up to its name. When you visit this place you travel through time with their historical furniture, calligraphy and art.

The Exquisite Jade Rock is the highlight of the place. It weighs more than 5 tons and was found over a thousand years ago. Outside, there is a small market where you can buy amazing things for great prices. Bargaining is recommended if you don ́t want to be taken for a fool! Everyone expects it and they usually raise their prices, more than double! Bargaining in Shanghai is almost a sport.

The Oriental Pearl TV TowerIt is the tallest tower in Asia and the third tallest in the world. The view from its observation floors is spectacular, and there is a revolving restaurant from which you can admire the view of the whole city.

Visiting the Jinmao Tower is always a great choice, it is the second tallest tower in China. You can find the Cloud 9 bar on its 88th floor, a fantastic place where the view is very relaxing, even more so if accompanied by a good wine!

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