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Check In Time Before Departure

Check In Time Before Departure

This information is a general guide. If you require more information please contact Aeromexico's representative in our office or counter at the airport.

Check-in time before departure on

Passenger`Status ConditionFlights within
  Carry-on only With baggage Carry-on only With baggage
With boarding pass

* 30 minutes at Boarding gate

* 90 minutes at Boarding gate * 40 minutes at Boarding gate * 90 minutes at Check-in counter
Without boarding pass ** 90 minutes Check-in counter ** 2 hours minutes Check-in counter ** 3 hours Check-in counter

* Passenger's failure to comply with these regulations frees the airline of any responsibility.
** For all airports except Mexico, Cancun, Guadalajara, Monterrey and Tijuana, confirm check-in time in our ticket office.
Times subject to change without previous warning.