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Restricted items

Restricted items

Review the list of items that are not allowed onboard, such as sharp objects, weapons, and scissors, among others. This will avoid any delays or mishaps at the airport.

The Following Items May be Transported ONLY in Checked Baggage

Checked Baggage Only

  • Bows and arrows
  • Martial arts weapons (for throwing or not)
  • Harpoons and other underwater weapons
  • Articles concealing sharp objects
  • Nail clippers with metal nail file
  • Knives, penknives, narrow razors, stilettos, daggers, letter openers, replacement razor blades, swords, sabers, foils, machetes, axes, cutters, scalpels (of any length)
  • Toys in the form of weapons or replica weapons
  • Metal nail files
  • Cutthroat (straight) razors
  • Mountain climbing spikes, ice picks, punches
  • Pistols, revolvers, rifles, shotguns, flare guns (discharges), guns, pellet guns, air rifles, and cartridges
  • Corkscrews
  • Scissors
  • Oxygen tanks (with medical prescription and pressure lower than 40 PSI/2.7 ATM)
  • Alcohol in liquid, solid or gel form (maximum 250 ml per passenger)
  • Enamel paint (maximum 1L per passenger)
  • Vinyl paint (maximum 5L per passenger)
  • Truncheons, flexible handle lead batons
  • Catcher’s mitts or similar
  • Leather whips
  • Electric cattle prods
  • Welding gun torches
  • Portable electric drills and saws
  • Items for heat welding
  • Wheelchairs powered by solid battery motors
  • Baseball bats, pool cues, golf clubs, hockey sticks, cricket bats and skis
  • Firearms not permitted on flights with connections or international destinations.

The Following may be Packed in Carry-On and Checked Baggage

  • Acetones (maximum 250 ml per passenger)
  • Dry ice-carbon dioxide (maximum 2 kg per passenger)
  • Liquids, creams and gels (maximum 68 oz. / 2 L per passenger) for flights to and from or connecting in Chile, Nicaragua, Argentina and Mexico
  • Disposable razors
  • Wines and spirits from 24% to 70% alcohol (5L per passenger or less), factory sealed
  • Liquids, creams and gels in a zip-lock, transparent plastic bag with a maximum capacity of 34 oz./ 1L, with containers holding a maximum of 3.4 oz / 100 ml each for flights leaving or connecting in Japan or China; flights to, from or connecting in the United States; connecting flights in Europe; flights leaving Canada, Brazil, Honduras and Peru.
  • Hair curling irons (Heat or hydrocarbons)
  • Essential medicines even when there is no doctor’s prescription. Maximum 4 oz /120 ml on flights to the USA.

Forbidden items

  • Traffic flares
  • Explosives and hand grenades
  • Percussion caps / detonators
  • Fireworks and all forms of gunpowder as well as incendiary devices
  • Detonator power sources
  • Timer switches
  • Alcoholic drinks with no manufacturer’s brand, with or without label
  • Acids and corrosives
  • Wet batteries
  • Butane and propane gas
  • Carbon dioxide cartridges
  • Gasoline and other flammable liquids
  • Extinguishers
  • Insecticides and kerosene
  • Lighter fluid
  • Matches
  • Disposable or refillable lighters
  • Radioactive materials
  • Insulated packing that contains refrigerated liquid nitrogen
  • Chlorine, poisons and bleaches
  • Spray paint and enamel
  • Solvents
  • Lamps that produce excessive heat: for skin diving, artistic lighting or lighting for cameras video, or TV.
  • Electric paralyzers (stun guns or Tasers) and defensive sprays (tear gas, pepper spray, etc.)
  • Mercury barometers or industrial thermometers
  • Wheelchairs with liquid battery motors

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